During the last warm snap I noticed a MOTH IN MY HOME!! The same home that houses my precious yarn stash and beautiful silk and wool knitted objects. To say I freaked is an understatement.

I proceeded to do the following:

A) kill the crap out of the moth

B) put all woolly WIPs and skeins of yarn that were out in the open into the deep freezer. Then rotating them in and out to kill any buggy babies!

C) order lavender and cedar sachets on amazon

I don’t think I have any damage, but time will tell. For now, I received these:




And I have my mother on the hunt for am old fashioned cedar chest. I work way to hard to loose my fiber goodness to vermin!

Anyone else out there have any moth experience to share?

8 thoughts on “Bugs!!!!

  1. Happily no, but I’d have had the same reaction as you did. Wow, good luck. I already have lavender sachets all over the house in drawers,…I’ll just check to make certain that all of the yarn drawers are covered.

  2. I’ve not had a problem with moths eating my knitted items and we certainly get our share of them in the house during the summer months. I have trouble with my puppy destroying yarn and knitted items so I keep all woolly things in Rubber Maid storage bins with lock tops. It keeps the puppy out and I guess it works for moths too.

  3. Had one batch come in with casings, but no live moths. I look anything new over VERY well before allowing it to come into the house. I’ve found that storing in cloth bags inside cardboard boxes and getting everything out a few times a year deters moths sufficiently around here. I do love a lavender sachet…

  4. Hello there, yes, I pulled out my fingerless (cashmere, I think) gloves that my mum gave me last Christmas, and sure enough they had two or three holes a piece. I tend to keep my handmade knits stored in plastic see-through boxes in the summer months just to add a layer of security, but the gloves didn’t make it in there. Boo!

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