Customer Service: It’s Important!!!

Remember my goodies from yesterday? Well, there is an interesting story about how those goodies got from Knit Picks to me.

I had them shipped to my work address because I dislike packages sitting on my doorstep out in the open, especially at the holidays. So the package was supposed to arrive on Monday but it got there on Saturday. Well, we don’t accept deliveries on Saturday so it went back to the post office. On Monday, I went in search of package. Online tracking told me to contact my local post office, just a block away from my work. So I stopped by at closing time and asked for my package. They looked and couldn’t locate it, sigh.

I went home and called Knit Picks. They could see the same info I could, the package was sent back to my local post office but they couldn’t tell which one, double sigh. But what came next surprised me. The Knit Picks representative told me no problem, we’ll ship you a replacement right now. No questions asked, no haggling, no arguing, no foisting me off on the United Postal Service. The rep was pleasant and apologetic about a problem that wasn’t even their fault. I hung up a very happy customer.

I did have an ace in my pocket. I have an Aunt who is a long time postal employee in another city. I asked her for advice to find the original package. With her help and the internet I thought I found my package and asked for re-delivery. Easy peasy! So I hopped on the phone and called Knit Picks and cancelled my re-shipment. Again they were pleasant and grateful that I had called back in a timely manner and canceled my order. Again, I was very impressed. They even left notes on my order in case I couldn’t locate my package and really did need a replacement.

Now, it wasn’t all sunshine and roses from here. The post office called me the next day and told me they couldn’t find my package per my internet request. So I went in person to my local office first thing they opened and inquired about my package. I am a frequent visitor to this office and strive to be pleasant to all the employees. They have a hard job and I appreciate what they do…even when they are grumpy. They took my info (again) and told me they would keep looking and call me on my cell. In less than 2 hours they had found my package, put it on a truck for delivery, and personally called me to update me. They were nothing but courteous and helpful. The package simply got shuffled.

This time of year can lead to flaring tempers and harsh words. This just goes to show that a pleasant attitude and perseverance can go a long way. I tip my hat to both Knit Picks and to the USPS this holiday season.

I’m off to leave feedback with both companies about the wonderful customer experience I received while resolving my wayward package.

Happy Holidays and Happy Knitting!


5 thoughts on “Customer Service: It’s Important!!!

  1. you know, that’s good to hear. I had read bad things about KP’s customer service, and to be honest it had made me hesitant to buy anything from them, but this makes me reconsider that. People are often much more likely to share their negative experiences and I think it’s so important to share the positive experiences too! 🙂

  2. I’ve had good luck with Knit Picks customer service too. I know it’s something they take pride in; there was a section in my designer contract with them requiring prompt and polite customer service too. You are absolutely right though that nothing greases the wheels as well as being nice to the stressed out people. Good on you for being that insightful.

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