I Love Organization!

My biggest OCD trait is organization. Clutter makes me grumpy and I like for items to be stored neatly. This includes my knitting.

My mom knows this, so she dropped a little surprise in the mail this week. A new circ needle organizer! Made by the talented hands of my mother….



It’s made of up-cycled jeans, leftover quilt scraps, and some netting. There are eight….count’em eight pockets!




I pulled together all my plastic and wooden fixed circulars and loaded them in. Short circs in the inside pockets, wood on one side and metal on the other. And the longer circs live in the outside pockets, again wood on one side and metal on the other.



The case folds easily and the velcro is holding closed for now. I might be inclined to slip a rubber band around it, just to be sure. But I’m very happy that my circs are no longer stuffed into my straight needle case.

How do you store your circs?

14 thoughts on “I Love Organization!

  1. i keep them in their original transparent bag, which also has the needle details (size, length) – the bags are then stored in a flat-ish paper box.
    i’ve seen someone storing those plastic bags in a wooden box (ikea), laid vertically so that they can be easily flipped through. it looked neat.
    That of your mum’s a nice up-cycling project, the result looks very good.

  2. My circs are all in a zip bag and the “bags” they came in but those are starting to fall apart. Great idea and great design of your Mom’s upcycled denim case! The netting is genius. I just might have to make one for myself.

    Thanks for sharing your surprise and talented Mom.


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