A Step Forward in My Career

I’ve been at my current job for five years and it’s been one hell of an adventure. No two days are the same, both good and bad! But there isn’t a lot of room for advancement and there are some inherent problems with the structure in my department. So I struck out and interviewed for a dream job….which I was promptly denied.

And I’d like to point out that I was valedictorian of my high school class with a 4.0, I graduated summa cum laude with BA in Spanish, Business, and Accounting from undergrad, I graduated summa cum laude with a Masters in Business Administration from a nationally recognized university, and I have five years working experience as an accountant. I say this not to brag but to point out how ridiculously qualified I am for most jobs. It’s just that even now there are 20 qualified applicants for every job, especially the good ones. Now I don’t want to complain too much because I am currently employed and earn a fair wage. I’m just not happy, and on some level you should be happy(ish) to go to work every day!

So I decided to study for and sit for the Certified Management Accountants’s exam. It’s a step below the CPA and give you knowledge across a WIDE range of accounting topic and not just the banking industry I currently work in. That being said this process is a HUGE time suck. I need to be studying 10-15 hours a week to be on track to take the first test in February 2014. This has put a huge dent into my knitting time.

I guess this is my long way around of saying that for the next couple of months my knitting posts may not be as frequent or as detailed as I have become accustomed to writing. Please bear with me and I promise to keep knitting along the way! How else am I going to stay sane, lol?

Happy Knitting (and studying)!


12 thoughts on “A Step Forward in My Career

  1. Hang in there! I have an advanced degree and after a series of short-term professional positions I remain on the hunt for a permanent position. A job you love is worth all the work!

  2. My husband had similar problems when he came home from Afghanistan. Qualifications mean nothing when 47 other people with the same amazing qualifications also want that job. There are just more employees than jobs in so many industries right now. Good luck!

  3. Good luck with your studies and the search for the perfect job! If I could add my two cents… sometimes people turn well qualified people down for no reason other than they don’t think they’ll “fit”. They can’t say that in the rejection letter, so they say other things that look PC, but are actually not the real reason for rejection.
    So, don’t feel bad. I think(?) you didn’t go for a job at an organisation you know well? It’s very hard to look in from the outside, and know what internal politics/personalities/issues are happening. To be rejected sometimes doesn’t mean you aren’t qualified enough. It just means you need to find the place where they like you and you like them, and the work is right.
    You will find that job. Especially with your “work at it” attitude and abilities. 🙂 Here’s to a good job in 2014!

  4. You should do fine with the CMA exam! I’m a CPA, CMA and have my MBA as well and I thought the CMA was like a board exam for the MBA. Does suck up your time, though, studying for it. May not make you feel better, but with all my qualifications and 25 years experience, I couldn’t find a job in this economy, which is why I started my own fiber company. I may be making a lot less, but I’m much happier 🙂

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