FO Friday: Appi Slopes

My first FO for 2014 Stashbustin‘!!! This was SUCH a quick knit.

2014 Stashbustin’: Project #2

Pattern: Appi Slopes Hat by Melissa Mall

Yarn: Knit Picks Cottom Simply Sport in Prussian Heather

Needles: Size US 4s (I went up a size from the pattern to get guage)

I used 196.8 yards or 60 grams of yarn. I started on 16 in circs and finished on dpns. I find myself getting more comfortable with this! I knit this hat in a matter of a couple of evenings. Super easy and great TV knitting.

I did encounter one issue. At the end I seamed all the way around inside the hat to secure the brim…and I lost all the stretch. This hat wouldn’t fit a toddler let alone my gigantic noggin. So I ripped that out and just put small “tacks” about 1 inch apart around the inside to secure the brim. That way the ribbing would still stretch. Fits like a dream. I even tested this out last weekend whilst shoveling snow. Great fit, love the brim….but the cotton isn’t terribly warm. Upside….totally washable after it got all sweaty from scooping snow!

And lastly….the photos…



(Side view)



(Front view)



(Back view)

10 thoughts on “FO Friday: Appi Slopes

    • Mine is cotton and based on the way the winter wind whipped through it…it could go either way. It’s very ventilated but I bet it’s still warm based on how much of my head it covers

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