A Blackberry In Winter

A LONG time ago, my first attempt at following a pattern was the Strawberry Cocoon from Bernat Free Online. And I did it!! I made a strawberry (sorry no photos) that took forever….

And in a fit of knitting success inertia, I cast on another, this time for a Blackberry! This was probably 2010 or so? Guess what I found in my craft room…


I had the leaves and most of the body done. It’s a lot of P3tog bobbly things…


So along with finishing my Spiral Rib Leg Warmers from deep in my WIP pile, this blackberry needs to be done!! Several problems:

1) no idea where I left off in the pattern

2) my tension has changed A LOT

3) this thing is knit flat and I much prefer in the round these days!

I shall persevere…providing the knitting gods are kind to me! Come heck or high water….ye shall be done!!

Have you ever found a WIP you forgot about?


10 thoughts on “A Blackberry In Winter

  1. Oh yes! I unearthed a cardigan that I had forgotten all about recently. In my case, I stopped short of one sleeve because I hated it. Now it’s the cat’s blanket. ;D

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