A Rye Update

I would like to start this post to give some love to a great project going on over at at Knitting Sarah, and that is Socks with Sarah KAL!! I’m not personally participating yet as I have a lot on my plate with CMA study material, a full day job, and a husband….but you guys totally should!!!

So in honor of #SockswithSarah, I give you an update on my Rye Socks…


These socks haven’t seen much monogamous knitting time, but at least I’m almost to the first heel flap. I’m loving how the purl sections make the pattern pop! This pattern is free and was written by TinCanKnits. It’s a great pattern with great instruction…especially for first time sock knitters! Not to mention this worsted weight yarn goes crazy fast!

I picked a bright color to brighten up this cold and grey winter. Now if I could only knit more monogamously or faster….my feet could be warm!

Happy Knitting!


6 thoughts on “A Rye Update

  1. I love The Simple Collection from TinCanKnits! I actually wrote about it a couple months ago when I made Barley & Maize for my daughter. I have been wanting to add some DK or worsted weight socks for my kids to my to-knit list and now you’ve reminded me of a great option! Thank you!

    Oh, and please keep in mind that you can totally join the Socks with Sarah KAL and follow it in spirit instead of by the letter of the ‘law’. There are a number of knitters who are joining with the commitment to knit on socks on days off or at other specific times. Above all else, it’s about fitting sock knitting into your everyday life more than the daily regiment. Consider it. We’d love to have you. 😉

  2. Absolutely agree, the Knitting Sarah Rav group is awesome! I am not participating in the SWS KAL (mostly because I have horrible horrible awful SSS), but it’s a great place to hang out. I love your sheepy needle holders!

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