The Quiet Spaces

The house is quiet, the sun is peeking out, and I have yarn in my hands. These are moments I yearn for!

The laundry is started…

Dinner is in the crock pot….

Dogs have been been fed…

Dishes are put away…

The hubby is snoring away in bed…

With my crazy jam packed life, I live for these moments. I get to slow down and take a breath. No nagging chores or to-do list…nothing but me time. Time in my quiet corner of the world helps me keep maintain a healthy balance. My happy place is anywhere with yarn in my hands or camped out in front of my PC with knitting blogs and a cup of coffee. A few precious moments here and I can take on the rest of my day and week without fear.

Where is your quiet space?


13 thoughts on “The Quiet Spaces

  1. I love sitting on my back porch in the summer and knitting or reading. I have a cattle farm behind my house, so it’s very peaceful and quiet. Except for a few moos!

  2. I wake up an hour early, make my espresso and almond milk and knit for an hour. That’s my quiet time before the day really has to start.

  3. I love a sunny afternoon on the patio with my knitting and a book. Or on the hammock underneath the fruit trees in my mom’s garden, that’s pure bliss!

    Early morning knitting, oh my! That sounds lovely! I’ve just gotten in the habit of early-morning writing, but once my dissertation is done, I may allocate these precious morning hours to knitting.

      • You mean the writing in the morning? That’s a matter of academic survival, because if I don’t finish this thing until late summer, I never will. But I want to 🙂
        I should also mention that the morning routine doesn’t work every day. But when it does, I am a happy camper for the rest of the day.

  4. Mine is similar. I have a corner of the couch that is known as mom’s corner. There I sit with coffee or dairy free hot cocoa, checking knitting blogs, Ravelry or stitching away. My favorite time is early morning before the house wakes up and the chaos of the day comes with it.

  5. It probably sounds pretty typical, but when I can grab a chance, I like knitting with a good DVD on, and a cup of tea next to me. Which doesn’t come very often with two jobs, and studying for my degree!

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