Yarn Heaven

Not to long ago I discovered a local Alpaca farm just down the interstate from me. Now I have discovered an Indie spinner/yarn merchant right here in the same city!!

I present to you, the Topeka Twister! She only has a Facebook page right now. But she does custom orders and sells her finished yarns in the local arts districts not far from where I work. She has some of the best yarn porn on my newsfeed!

If you will excuse me….I’m going to sneak off for an early lunch and have a “high fiber” meal….teehehehehe! I hope to find something and post some photos later this week 🙂

Where do you like to get your yarns?


5 thoughts on “Yarn Heaven

  1. I’m lucky enough to live right down the street from Knitty Gritty, owned by a local alpaca farmer. Every yarn I could want all in the same place and I can go visit her alpacas, too!

  2. I like to spin my own yarns, but ironically won’t knit them. My favorite yarn of all time is Jamieson’s of Shetland and it was more fun than ever to grab a few skeins from the little knittery in the Grass Market area of Edinburgh. Just up the street is a great cheese shop too 🙂

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