Is It Really A Blog If No One Reads It?

My husband recently dipped his toe into the blogging world. He is a LIFELONG gamer to the core and has made a lot of gamer friends, especially in college. And one of our friends from college called Phil up the other day and asked him to contribute to this great space called Project Nerd. A great space for all things geeky! (Seriously check it out…but don’t blame me if you fall down the rabbit hole!)

The hubby reviewed Battlefield 4 that had come out for the PS4. He worked diligently on it, got it approved by the powers that be at Project Nerd, and it went live last week. I remember sitting next to him on the couch after it went live, he turned to me and asked “what if you no one reads it?” The question struck me as silly because it was a very well written post! (You can find it here if you were curious) Not to mention he is guest blogging on a very well trafficked site and writing about a very popular game. Of course it will be read!

But it brought to mind several posts I have seen on WordPress on the hundreds of knitting blogs I obsessively troll, ahem, I mean read. I see all kinds of bloggers post about how they want to increase their traffic and get more visits to their blog. Now, I had no clue how to blog when I started. I just wanted a place to keep all my knitting adventures and maybe get some feedback/advice/sympathy. I am an organizer and cataloger. I have a strong need to chronicle and archive things. So I started typing my adventures and quickly realized what posts got more hits than others (short posts, good detail, good photos). And organically I began to find my “tone” or “voice” as my high school English teach used to say.  And then I was hooked….

So back to my question, is it still a blog if no one reads it? OF COURSE IT IS! Keep blogging, keep crafting, keep expressing yourself! Get out on the blog-o-sphere and find blogs you love, comment on posts, follow other bloggers, and make friends. That is the fastest way to build a blog. And really if you think about it, its not just building a blog its building a community! A place to share the lovely handiwork you have slaved over to other like minded people who can truly appreciate what you have accomplished!

Keep writing about what you love…and the followers will come….passion breeds excitement!

Happy Knitting (and blogging)

12 thoughts on “Is It Really A Blog If No One Reads It?

  1. I can completely understand. And the stats information on WordPress just fuels my obsession.
    On the other hand I also just need a place to keep a record so even if it’s just me who end up reading my blog it’s a great way to go back and remember the achievements, especially on a bad day.

  2. This is a great post! I find myself blogging mostly for myself, for the pure record keeping aspect of it, but it’s always a wonderful bonus when someone else reads it! Love this blog especially because you’re always so positive. Happy weekend!

  3. you are one of the only people I don’t actually know who reads my blog, but I do it for my friends and my sisters mostly..I will probably keep doing it for a while anyway until I run out of ideas or things to say…thanks for the encouragement you have given me so far anyway…

  4. I read this. 🙂 I blog because of the same reasons. Also, I learn a lot about knitting and quilting from other bloggers. I try to pass along what tips I’ve picked up. If I can help someone else like I’ve been helped, that’s great. Finally, I like pictures. Eye candy to get me out of a slump!

  5. I agree. I blog for my own enjoyment and chronicles of things but, it is nice to be noticed every once in a while during the process. Short post, decent pictures, and taking the time to acknowledge your readers are very important aspects of getting feedback.

  6. Yes, exactly! I started my blog as a place to host my patterns, and to keep a record of what I was making. It has grown into a lovely conversation, and also a teaching place. I love making tutorials of new/different techniques, and fix-its, too. So keep writing, for yourself, and for others.

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