Stitch by Stitch

I think a picture is worth a thousand words….20140217-123601.jpgI have taken the #sockswithsarah call for a few stitches a day to heart. I have managed a row here and there over these past few days when I have not felt my best. And little by little I have made some small progress. For the original post on these socks, check here.

Think I can call myself the little knitting engine that could?

Happy Knitting


8 thoughts on “Stitch by Stitch

  1. One row is more progress than no rows. I’ve been listening to the Knitmore Girls and they talked about “stolen” or “hidden” minutes for knitting recently. I’ve never kept knitting in the car because I’ve always been working on something I actually wanted to finish (I’m definitely a “product” knitter), but I started this week with a blanket square for Thing 2’s Minecraft blanket. I’ll be knitting those squares forever, so having one live in the car is no big deal. I think I need to get an extra size 8 needle (or actually check and see if I have one) so that I can still get other things done that use that size.
    You’re making steady progress. That’s good. Sometimes we’re very productive and sometimes we’re just not. That applies to all things (some days I’m excellent at housework – today I was excellent at napping instead).

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