Halfway There!

I’m officially past 20 weeks of pregnancy! Can I get a woot woot?20140524-140810-50890380.jpg

I’m normally not a “post a public photo of my baby bump” person. Just a personal preference I guess. But since this is a milestone I thought I’d share one of me and my most comfy/cute work outfits.

I’m still having a lot of symptoms: nausea, dizziness, sleeplessness, headaches. And the anti-emetic I was taking was only minimally helping not mention causing additional and unpleasant side affects. I had had enough. I couldn’t even eat an evening meal without becoming ill for Pete’s sake! Not to worry, both baby and mom are very healthy despite the symptoms. Just a very grumpy and uncomfortable mommy! (I shouldn’t be shocked as all the women on my mom’s side have very healthy but very not fun pregnancies)

So after putting my foot down with my OBGYN, I was given a new medication to try that causes pronounced drowsiness but not the unpleasantness of my original medication. HUGE IMPROVEMENT….I only take it at night. But I can make it through the following day without much discomfort AND I have been eating dinner again!

20140524-140810-50890686.jpgI couldn’t help but share this photo. Chloe likes to snuggle the baby bump at night. We settle down on the couch and she falls asleep on my belly. Oh boy, I hope Jellybean doesn’t mind snoring because boy howdy is Chloe loud when she sleeps! I have been feeling Jellybean move around a bit. I CANNOT wait until he/she kicks Chloe through the belly while she is snoozig. Would serve Chloe right!!

Happy Thursday!!


12 thoughts on “Halfway There!

  1. Whoohooo. When I was pregnant with my son…37 years ago…I had a great Dane puppy who liked to snuggle the baby bump and Chris did kick him. Poor dog was a bit skeptical of me for a bit afterward. LOL

  2. Sorry your pregnancy is unpleasant. I feel your pain. I had horrible HG and a slew of other stuff with each of mine. No fun. Glad you are finding some relief with the new meds!

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