False Starts but Eventual Progress

I have blogged about my desire to knit Jellybean a baby blanket before. I initially as going to use some Bernat Cottontots (a sadly discontinued yarn) from my stash. I pulled all my skeins from my stash and played with color combos. But given the yardage requirements for each hexagon….I just couldn’t come up with plan I was in love with. False start #1

So I hit Ravelry trying to see if I could grab up some Cottontots solids from other Ravelers. I must have sent out 10 message and got zippo in responses. People really want to hang on to this awesome yarn and I don’t blame them! So I expanded my horizons and took a look at Bernat Handicrafter Cotton. I was able to snatch up three mega skeins from a wonderful Raveler who was de-stashing. I eagerly waited for the package to get here! But once I got the yarn in my hands as wonderful as it was…..it wasn’t the colors I had imagined. And I just couldn’t bring myself to compromise on color. False start #2

So finally I hauled my ever expanding pregnant but down to my LYS. I’m ashamed to admit that despite opening in March….I hadn’t set foot in it yet. The shop is charming in style and the staff very friendly. But I was very disappointed with both yarn brand selection and color options.  The yarn was segregated by weight but it didn’t always have the same brands from weight to weight. But as a businessperson/accountant I can understand keeping stock to a minimum until you get a feel for what sells. Especially given the small space they have. But my inner knitter was a little miffed, lol.

But I digress. I didn’t walk out empty handed. I found some Universal Yarn Cotton Supreme. It’s 100% cotton but has a very soft hand. I ended up choosing a tan, pale green, teal, and bright yellow to match my crib decor. I was in love at first squish!

And it knits up beautifully! Check out my progress:




5 thoughts on “False Starts but Eventual Progress

  1. Very cute! I have also experienced the frustration of having almostbutnotquite enough yarn for a project…I think your decision to go out and buy more yarn was a good one 😉

  2. I love Cottontots too!! Don’t know if I have any solids left, I know I still have a variegated or two around and probably half skeins of green and yellow. So sad they discontinued it.
    Love your blanket.

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