Conundrum in Length

Well….the seaming is done. And for the record I’m not happy…20140629-115105-42665355.jpg


Despite checking gauge at the beginning of the project and following the pattern to the letter….this sweater is FAR too short. It falls just above my natural waist and no where near my hips where I would like. Harumph…

I have two options:

A) Gift this to my sister who has a much shorter torso but the same bust measurement.

B) Add more garter rib around the bottom to extend the length….

Thoughts from the blogosphere?



19 thoughts on “Conundrum in Length

  1. That is a shame in deed.
    If it actually looks good on your sister, you should probably give it to her. And knit a longer one for yourself. It didn’t take you too long, isn’t it?
    If you are determined to alter it so it fits you, I would probably do something very obvious rather than trying to make it longer as discretely as possible. How about picking up stitches from a few rows away from the edge (at the wrong side) and add a bit in a different colour so it looks like a second (different layer). Not good at explaining but something like the gorgeous 3-in-1 sweater
    Anyway, I hope you will find a solution that will make you happy.

  2. oh, such a pity. I think I agree – you should give it away if it fits your sister, and knit yourself a new one, with more length built in to it this time. It is a nice sweater, it looks like one you could get a lot of use from.

  3. If you have enough leftover yarn,go ahead and add is your sweater,make it like you want it to be.if you don’t,or don’t want to alter your work further,then go ahead and gift it.but I always hate to let go of something I worked hard on that was meant for me…

  4. If you’re going to add to it I’d do a section of k2 p2 ribbing but, unless you’ll absolutely love it like that I think the best idea would be to gift it and make a longer one for yourself…

  5. It’s generally not too big a deal to add length to a top, although if you think it looks funny after picking up and working a few rows (assuming the pattern was worked bottom-up), you can always decide to do a hem in a different stitch instead. That way the difference in appearance is clearly deliberate. Unless your sister’s torso is *exceptionally* short, the fact that it doesn’t even come to your natural waist means it will probably be short on her too.

  6. It looks great! You should try to lengthen and keep it for yourself. How about adding more garter rib and then a 2X2 (garter/stockinette rib) across the front to make a finished lower edge? If you still don’t like it, you can still rip it out and then give it to to your sister.

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