Stash Enhancement

My OCD/planning has kicked into high gear while pregnant. I have a plan for the nursery, budget for daycare and diapers, and a tentative holiday schedule to get Jellybean to all the relatives. Our finances will definitely change post baby with fewer dollars for creative activities like knitting and video games. So the hubby and I sat down and for our anniversary we splurged on each other before the baby gets here.

I got a little stash enhancement courtesy of the Knit Picks Summer Sale….20140706-153210-55930526.jpg


I picked up:

– Felici self striping – Lighthouse colorway

– Stroll Fingering – Blue Topaz

– Stroll Tonal – Canopy

– Brava Worsted – Caution yellow

– Stroll Hand-painted – County Fair

– Brava Sport – Eggplant

– Stroll Hand-painted – Lullaby colorway

– Heather Stroll – Merlot

Just enough for a couple of sweaters and several pairs of socks to stock up my drawer. I’m guessing what little knitting time I get after Jellybean gets here that socks will be my best “pick up/put down” project. 

Pardon me I need to pet these lovelies before they got into my stash drawers 🙂

Happy Monday!!

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