WIP Wednesday: New Vanilla Socks

Here is my new #sockswithsarah KAL project. My sock prowess is in it’s infancy so I’m sticking with self striping yarn and basic toe up vanilla sock. Sorry for the inside out pictures. I just prefer to knit socks this way. 🙂20140629-121944-44384373.jpg



Pattern: Toe Up Sock with Gusset Heal

Yarn: Knit Picks Felici in Acquarium

Needles: US 0s

Size: 68 stitch sock.

I’m on my way to filling up my sock drawer. And hopefully socks are something I can keep knitting after jellybean gets here. At least when he/she gets a little older and my post zombie haze subsides, lol. Now if I can just get more consistent on my laddering problem…

Happy Knitting!

17 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: New Vanilla Socks

  1. Mine are getting there, but I was such a dunce on knitting them 2 at a time and toe up that it took me 2 days to sort it out. I haven’t tried that yarn yet. Please keep us updated.

  2. Nice job! Those are awfully pretty colors – and I love that you knit them inside out! I am loving this KAL as well, I feel very productive, things get finished. 🙂

    • The inside out really helps me to relax my hands. I’ve developed a bit of pregnancy carpal tunnel. Sarah (host of the KAL) even checked in on me to see why they were inside out, lol!

      • lol! She is so good! So purling is more comfortable for your hands than knitting is? Interesting. When I first saw your post about them, I just assumed that it was the pattern. I have see patterns which do that for the sole of the sock, apparently it is more comfortable for people with sensitive skin, to not feel all the knitting ridges.

        Anyway, whatever works for you and feels good is just fine, right? Socks are socks.

      • I’m actually still knitting…but off the “back” needle of the magic loop style/two needle setup. Allows my wrist to be straighter and not spend so much time bent.

  3. Love the colour! They will be very pretty socks! I think the problem with laddering is if you don’t pull the yarn tight when you transition to the next needle. Try giving it a firm tug before you knit the next stitch, and it should help. Failing which, you could always try the magic loop method…

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