Nursery Additions

While I consider myself very crafty…I’m not very artistic. Like not at all, lol. I knew what kind of nursery I wanted. Lots of warm browns, greens, and yellows. I just love those colors together and we don’t know what Jellybean is (boy/girl) I thought that would make a warm and inviting nursery.

So far we have picked furniture with either dark black/brown or cherry finish. Not everything is matchy/matchy. And I love the “home” feel of it so far. Everything coordinates but isn’t all the same either. The walls were already a nice warm tan color so bonus of no painting!! (I most definitely hate painting, lol). My momma aka Grandma is making coordinating curtains and bassinet layette from fabric we picked out. All that left me was the wall decor.

So to Etsy I went and what a deep rabbit hole I found! I don’t really have a traditional theme in mind like monkeys/owls/etc. I just wanted a mix of photos, fabrics, and art pieces that represent the hubby and I and what we want for Jellybean. After much deliberation…..I found my wall art. And I’m now sharing with you!

First up, a homage to my husband’s love of music…and second a little love shout out to Jellybean….


Music Scale Vinyl Decal


I Love You To the Moon and Back


Metal Music Wall Art


Metal Play Wall Art


Metal Sing Wall Art

Now I am anxiously tracking and awaiting the arrival of these packages!! Then hopefully with the help of the hubby I can get them hung and share some nursery FO photos with you guys!!

I’m curious. Did you choose a specific theme for your nurseries or did you just go with the flow?


7 thoughts on “Nursery Additions

  1. Stunning ideas. And the colours you have in mind is just perfect. I think it will really feel like home.
    No, I did not have a specific colour of theme either. I just went with everything “natural” and it seemed to just flowed from there. I used light airy summery colours as we live in a pretty warm country and she was born in August, with spring in September it was nice.

  2. I totally agree with READ. My advice to all new parents – read to your child for at least 15 minutes per day beginning with the day they are born!! There is lots of research on language development that supports this activity.

  3. What a fun nursery! With my first I knew she was a girl prior to her arrival, but I stuck with pale greens & pale yellows–it was a very calm nursery and transitioned well to my son who came three years later. With my last baby, born three years ago, I figured she would be in our room so much (on the main floor), we didn’t even bother with a nursery that go-around. Can’t wait to see the finished room!

  4. I think the nursery theme based on the Go The F@$k to sleep book would be hysterical. And also very reading-forward.

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