FO Friday: Summer Canning

My feet and I survived our canning session last weekend!

What were my spoils you ask?

– 11 pints of brown sugar/cinnamon apple sauce
– 5 full pints and 11 1/2 pints of apple jelly


And 16 glorious pints of tomato sauce!!


I’d still like to put up more salsa and tomato sauce but that will be schedule and pregnancy permitting. Just going with the flow at this point!

What’s in your canner lately?

16 thoughts on “FO Friday: Summer Canning

  1. Hi, I don’t can, I don’t think many people in the UK do. We freeze and I am just waiting my plums. Meantime it is baking day with a chocolate cake and ginger biscuits.

  2. Lots of jam! Hope to make bean chutney soon, although my bean crop wasn’t as good this year. And the apples aren’t quite ready, but apple sauce will be coming soon!
    Nice looking canning collection, satisfying isn’t it?!

  3. Delish!!!!! We are planning to tackle applesauce next month. I’m still working on putting up cherry tomatoes and pesto. Canning *almost* makes me long for winter….almost. 😉

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