I Can See The Light!


That’s right….Jellybean’s blanket is all dry and ready for a border! I must admit I’m dreadfully slow with a crochet hook but based on progress so far I should be able to finish up in just a couple of dedicated crafting evenings.

I decided on a simple crochet border in the green color way. I’m chaining my way around to establish a foundation then I’ll add one or two rounds of single crochet. I don’t want to overwhelm the texture of the knitting and I need some green leftover for my bunting!

Happy Knitting!

5 thoughts on “I Can See The Light!

  1. I wish I could crochet better (ok, at all!), too. With my youngest’s baby blanket it required a picked-up ruffle edge and it took FoReVeR…oh my goodness, I guess I was lucky I went almost 14 days past my due date it took me so long. My daughter still sleeps with her blanket today at almost 3.5 years old–such a gift you are giving Jellybean!

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