A Little Dog Humor

My fur babies are TERRIBLE beggars when it comes to snacks and people food. (As an aside they only get healthy dog friendly bits like carrots, broccoli, apples, lean meats, etc.) If they behave and perform their obedience commands I save the last bits to share with them.

I usually get this right up in my face…


And this is what you get when you command him to back up and lay down…


Pathetic right?

12 thoughts on “A Little Dog Humor

  1. I always love photos of dogs taken from an angle right in front of their faces—big nose photos–cute every time! Our dogs hide out behind the chicken coop in the evenings when we throw the day’s house scraps into the chicken run…

  2. Cute pictures! I’ve learned you can teach an old dog new tricks. BF’s dog is almost 17 yrs old. He’s never begged at the table, and never been fed at the table. Completely well behaved, until last year when I arrived on the scene. Now he sits near my chair and looks at me longingly, knowing I am going to give him something once the meal is over.

    He’s also never jumped up on a couch in his entire life, he’s apparently never shown interest. Now he regularly tries to get those old arthritic legs to help him jump up on my lap when I am sitting on the couch.

    It’s a mutually beneficial relationship though. Until meeting this old dog, I would have told you I didn’t like dogs. So, I’ve clearly learned a new trick or two myself.

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