A Very Expensive Lesson in Cooking


Last Christmas my mom purchased a mandolin for my kitchen. It works great and really speeds up the chopping process…when used correctly. Some veggies are harder to slice than others I have found.

I chose to use it without all of the proper safety guards….and paid the price. While slicing green peppers I took off the tip of my right index finger. Nothing life altering but it bled something awful and I will spare you the details. The hubby had to take me to the walk in emergency clinic to get the wound closed with silver nitrate. Again I will spare you the painful gory details. All in all they took very good care of me and packed me on my way with meds and care instructions. Now I just await what I imagine will be a frightfully high doctors bill…expensive lesson indeed!

It hurts like a buggar when I accidentally hit it on something but is healing nicely. Upside…I literally finished Jellybean’s hexi-ghan the night before. AND I can still knit, albeit in a slightly modified and slower manner.

Live and learn I guess? But at least I will have a FO to show this week!

Happy Knitting!!


12 thoughts on “A Very Expensive Lesson in Cooking

  1. Ack, how horrible, but thank goodness you can still knit!–it’s awful I’m even saying that, but that would have been my first worry if it had been me, lol. I hear ya about the ER bill…something similar happened to me two months ago & I’ve been sweating bullets every time I pick up the mail waiting for that bill.

  2. I could barely read your post – so many sympathy hurts – I’ve done the same and watching me grate cheese or anything else now is probably comical to anyone who hasn’t done this! Hope you heal well and thank goodness there can still be knitting! I’d have to be sedated (with a rhino dart) if I couldn’t knit 🙂

  3. Owowowowowwowowowowo. Sorry about your finger. I’ve never managed to slice anything off, but I’ve come close. And just reading this I can imagine it in full color and detail. OWOWOWOOWOWO.

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