Waste Not Want Not

Due to fits of KNIT ALL THE THINGS and a constant cast of cast-itis I’m always in need of project bags and yarn protection. I’m guessing this will become doubly important when Jellybean gets older/mobile/grabby lol!

As I was unpacking and washing baby gifts I had this plastic bag that housed two hooded baby bath towels. It was of a decent grade plastic and closed with easy snaps…


I just couldn’t hurl into the recycle bin with all the other packing material detritus. So when I cast on for Jellybean’s Candy Corn set yesterday I tucked my yarn into it.


It fit two of my three skeins of yarn. It open enough for yarn to feed out and to prevent dog hair and other dirt from grabbing on as I knit! Not to mention it’s clear and I can see the contents without opening. My grandparents always said “waste not want not” and I guess it stuck. This bag is just right for hats, gloves, socks, or other small projects. And it was free, to me at least.

Have you ever used anything quirky for a project bag or yarn holder?

15 thoughts on “Waste Not Want Not

  1. Clever idea. I always use cotton bags. I can’t see what or how much is in it but I quite like them as I can just put them into my bag or suitcase when travelling, they are squashy and will not take up more space than the actual knitting. And around the house they are great to keep things clean and together, too.

  2. Love it, I do the same thing with bags from curtains, pillowcases, blankets, sheets, etc., or else my kittens get into everything. I use two gallon size ziploc bags too. Much better than buying project bags! More $ for yarn.

  3. I’ve had a few pricey purses come with silk bags, great for sweaters and medium sized projects… I ended learning how to sew and started making my own because I had so many wips I was losing hooks and needles left and right.

  4. I do the same thing as lollyknits! I love those bags that sheets come in (especially if they zip!) My mom bought a whole bunch of curtains about a year ago and I snagged all of those plastic containers. But if I can’t find any or they’re all being used, I use gallon sized ziplock bags.

  5. I use all the little cloth bags that the sheets and pillowcases come in from Wal-Mart to put small knitting projects in,like socks and mittens.

  6. I have been using the knit cloth bags that my kids’ Mini Boden underwear are packaged in (when purchased new online) for years. They are usually polka-dot and have a drawstring. I know, it’s weird, but no one but me ever knows…and now you. 🙂

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