Holiday Stash Enhancement

I was weak and couldn’t resist the Knit Picks Cyber Monday sale. Here is proof of my shame weakness great deals…

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/f00/39837473/files/2014/12/img_2035.jpgI managed to grab some Knit Picks Biggo in a neutral color for a baby blanket. I also chose several skeins of Shine Worsted, Comfy Sport, Cotlin, and some Stroll Fingering. While putting this away I realized I have more yarn than I could ever knit but these were such great sale deals I just couldn’t pass it up. I’m hoping some of these skeins will turn into some sweaters and accessories for Jellybean…time will tell!

Did you hit up any Cyber Monday sales?



15 thoughts on “Holiday Stash Enhancement

  1. I actually bought my stuff the day before the cyber Monday sales and mine hasn’t come yet! ;( Maybe today!!! I did get some good deals but I remember being disappointed that I missed that sale.

    I can’t wait to see what you make with all of your yarn. Happy crafting in 2015!!!!

  2. Their Black Friday prices were insane! It was hard to resist buying any (: I almost bought 10 skeins of wool of the Andes worsted for a sweater, but I’m trying to work on my stash
    Your haul looks lovely! I like the Cotlin for dish rags. They have some cute free patterns on their blog

  3. There’s no such thing as having more yarn than one could ever knit. 😀 I splurged on quite a lot of yarn recently. (We don’t have Cyber Mondays in India, but a sale is a sale — too good to pass up, right?)

    Can’t wait to see what you’ll create with these. Happy knitting!

  4. Are you Kidding? The name of my blog is “my yarn hoard”, so yes I did! I hit that big sale hard! How could I pass up hand painted Hawthorne for less than six bucks a 100gram skein?And Diadem ? My box weighed about 8 pounds so I think you can guess how much I bought. A lady never reveals the true size of her hoard! Right now I am playing Russian roulette with paradise fibers end of year sale, hoping that they don’t run out of the yarn I want before the 31st when the discount goes up to 25% off. I am feeling lucky!

  5. Great buys!! I have been painfully trying not to look at all that lovely yarn on sale. I must get rid of some of my old stash before I can replace it with pretty new stash. After a while, the old stuff starts staring at you hard… ;P I have though, been very generous with myself on sock yarns this year. Next year will have to be sweater yarn – assuming I knit some down! Happy New Year!

  6. I did the same thing from the same company! Their sale was fantastic – 50g balls of yarn for a dollar or two? Pfft… I’ve never bought their yarn before and I went a little overboard on my first order. The box was big but the price was small! Happy New Year to you 🙂

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