Goals and The New Year

I have a thriving baby, a career, loving family, and a pretty amazing husband. I just don’t knit as much anymore as the aforementioned things are taking a bit more time. I don’t mind, to all things there is a season. I’ll soon enough have more knitting time and miss these previous days.

That being said, I still have some knitting goals for 2015:

1: Ravel all my projects
2: Keep better track of my yarn in versus yarn out (I heart spreadsheets)
3: Make at least two pairs of socks for my loving husband
4: Knit a winter sweater for Jellybean (12-18 months size)
5: Finish all my 2014 carryover projects
6: Find a space for and use my cedar chest

There you are, nothing drastic but rather logical and reasonable goals for a knitting mommy and wife.

Do you set goals?


11 thoughts on “Goals and The New Year

  1. Hmm, they all seem reasonable except the “Finish all carryover projects”. Oh, it sounds wonderful in theory and I’d *like* to say I’ll do that…but why is it so hard to go back to a project after it’s been sitting for ages?? But good luck! I’m sure you’ll be successful!

  2. None! Never, ever, never. My inner teenager rebels to the most ridiculous extreme that there’s no use and I have experience with grounding! My stash has gone beyond SABLE status years ago and my WIP’s need whipping good. The only thing that I’ve done – completely voluntarily and not as last year’s resolution – is to Ravel everything and I can’t recommend that highly enough. I am so much better organized that accidentally (not on purpose at all Miss Teenager) I am working through my stash. The WIP’s, well… a lot are half done design prototypes. I think I’ll leave them in the closet, until they begin growling! 😀

  3. I do sometimes set goals, in 2013 i didy challenges but in 2014 it was just ‘make lots of stuff’. This year i want to make use of all my “posh” yarns and stash bust a bit.

  4. I set goals, then make lists. I think that crossing things off creates enough momentum to keep me moving on down the list until I’m finished. Then, I reward myself, usually with a cup of coffee and a little knitting/crafting time.

  5. Those are some great goals! I find that Ravelry is a great place to keep track of my stash. And they even have a way to export it into a spreadsheet…. or maybe that’s for your needles, not sure now…

  6. Indeed, that is a logical and reasonable list of goals. And in one short year, we’ll hear how you tackled each and every task 🙂 I used to keep all my lists on the computer. But then my computer crashed last spring… and “poof” when all my lists, along with my inner-lister spirit :-/ ♥ ❤

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