Odds And Ends

Due to my recent sock kick (here and here) I’ve got little bits of yarn hanging around. I tend to lose little bits if I just tuck them away. So I implemented a solution I saw in a magazine/Pinterest/somewhere…




Eventually these will fill up and I’ll have pretty vases full of yummy yarn bits. The hope is that I’ll always be able to find sock yarn for sock repair or perhaps a scrap project sometime. Not to mention something I can dig my hands into and pet the lovelies 🙂

How do you store your leftovers you can’t part with?


19 thoughts on “Odds And Ends

  1. I do exactly this, but my jars are stuffed full, I could use a few more. My kids raid the jars constantly to create things…stair railings & chairs are forever tangled in yarn webs from someone’s mischief. I find my jars of leftover bits to be very inspiring, too. I often create new color combinations in my knitting just by looking at the way the bits interact in the glass jars. Always having the bits handy for darning is definitely a plus–knitting minds must think alike. 😉

  2. I just tossed them into my knitting basket, where they’d shift to the bottom and tangle. As i was sorting the basket last week, inspiration struck! With all if my worsted ends i started a log cabin blanket: i discovered that i really like green. Its about twelve inches now and i like it. With sock, sport and dk weights i am going to do a 10 stitch blanket.

  3. My sock yarn scraps are all together in a big project bag – in theory they are becoming a scrap blanket (mitred square) but that’s hibernating at the moment so they’re really just sitting there.

  4. I do the same! I have two vases like that filled with miniskeins for a sock yarn blanket I haven’t worked on in years haha. Then I have two other smaller vases for larger-than-fingering leftovers and handspun samples.

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