WIP Progress: A Plain Rye

Today’s #whatsonmyneedles is brought to you by my Plain Rye socks!


I’ve completed the heel flap and the heel turn. This is worsted weight yarn so it’s going quickly. I have no idea why this project suffered from SSS for so long!

One interesting thing I’ve noticed is that my tension has changed since I started these months ago, can you see?


I’m really trying to relax to match the original but I’m also hoping blocking will do wonders. Fingers crossed anyway! Now I’m on to the gusset and foot section.

Have you checked out KnittingSarah and the 2015 what’s on my needles project?

6 thoughts on “WIP Progress: A Plain Rye

  1. A good old worsted sock is always fun. I don’t think the gauge is so drastically different that you won’t be able to fix it in the blocking process!

  2. Oh… I (white) envy You… Sometimes I wish my Little Prince was still a whole-day-sleeping beauty and I could relax with needles more often 🙂 now he simply picks up my needles and orders (with his eyes, as he does’t speak yet!) to put them away and go play with him 😀 good job there! Keep on posting 🙂

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