FO Friday: A Plain Rye

Tah Dah!


One of my 2014 carryover projects is done!



Pattern: Rye by Tim Can Knits

Needles: 5 US Dpns

Yarn: Knit Picks Swish Worsted in Squirrel heather

Mods: I took our the garter sections and worked in stockinette all the way around.


I’ve blogged about these here and here. It hasn’t taken me long to finish these at worsted weight yarn. I couldn’t figure out why these stalled. And then I remembered….they don’t fit my foot well. I miss-measured and the foot isn’t quite long enough. Oh well, into the gift pile they go! I have a feeling they will end up on my sister’s size 7 feet.

Happy Knitting!


16 thoughts on “FO Friday: A Plain Rye

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