Confessions Of A Knitting Blogger

I read a post similar to this my one of my husbands favorite video game bloggers. I decided to give it a go:

1: I read most of your wordpress blog posts in the wee hours of the morning while I’m up feeding jellybean. It helps me stay awake, lol.

2: I used the scheduling feature to post most of my own blogs. Jellybean just doesn’t allow for same day writing.

3: My knitting time here lately is slim but I manage to slip it in during long car rides, while pumping on breaks at work, and after jellybean goes to bed.

4: I’m becoming a yarn snob

5: I’m becoming a selfish knitter. I really only have the desire to knit for myself, the hubby, and jellybean.

That’s all I’ve got! Happy Knitting!!


17 thoughts on “Confessions Of A Knitting Blogger

  1. I’ve tried scheduling posts. I’m new at this and I can’t figure out what time zone they are using or if I can change it. Any ideas?

  2. I definitely schedule sometimes too. Occasionally I’ll see a whole afternoon free ahead of me, and know that that’s the last one I’ll get for weeks, so I try to get a few posts written at once. It can be a real life-saver!

  3. I like to schedule posts too. I haven’t been doing it so much lately, but it’s nice to write multiple posts at once and know that you can wait a bit before having to write more. It’s also nice if it’s already done when I have like a WIP Wednesday or FO Friday because I don’t always remember on the day of to write a post.

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