Bulky Projects Go Fast Right?

During my bout with the flu I felt the urge for something warm and bulky. That urge led to this…


The start of the yoke of a second Shalom Cardigan. I had some lovely softness aka Knit Picks Biggo yarn in my stash. At first I thought it wanted to be a blanket but the yarn whispered and I listened. So a sweater it was! I’m going to be close on yardage so it might be a little more cropped than my first. But since its worn over a tank or tee anyway, who cares!?

In the interest of full disclosure the sweater is not any further along than this photo. I worked on it in between feverish naps and haven’t picked it up after I got to feeling better. But it’s bulky yarn so it should just fly off my needles right?

What do you knit when you don’t feel good?


6 thoughts on “Bulky Projects Go Fast Right?

  1. I’m not good at knitting when I feel bad but if I do I knit teeny tiny softies. I have an small army of tiny mice, rabbits and unidentifiable creatures waiting to be washed (for infection control purposes) before they can be given away.

  2. When I’m under the weather I usually knit hats to felt (very simple in a circle knitting) or an angled scarf/shawl…another simple knit without thought. I think that you’re bulky is brilliant!

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