WIP Wednesday: Happy Socks


The heel is in place and I’m working up the leg. I do find this odd to look at with the stockinette foot looking so large and the ribbed leg so skinny. But it should hug my foot like a dream!

My only question is how far to work up the leg. I had intended to use up all my yarn. But I have knit a quite a bit and still have a healthy ball left. How long is too long? I have very manly athletic calves and don’t want the socks too tight even with the ribbing.

Looking at this I got all excited about being almost done when I realized I STILL HAVE TO KNIT SOCK #2! And I really want to be done so I can start my rainbow socks!

Must. Keep. Knitting!


8 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Happy Socks

  1. Beautiful! I tend to make my legs about 7 to 9 inches tall. If you are worried about it being too tight as you go up, you can always add some calf shaping by adding a few increases in the back!

  2. I aim for about 7″ from heel to cuff, slightly longer than a 6″ DPN (if I’m too lazy to find the measuring tape). Seeing this reminds me that I’ve vowed to make my next socks toe-up.

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