A Boy and His Dog

We have been working on getting the fur babies used to a moving and mobile tiny human.



Our lab is so gentle and calm. We only introduce them fully supervised and with lots of positive praise for both. So far so good!

Fingers crossed they become fast friends!!


10 thoughts on “A Boy and His Dog

  1. My son just turned one and in the past couple weeks he and our dog have become best friend 🙂 Before the dog wasn’t really interested but now that Jacob has figured out how to “feed” the dog they love each other haha best way to a mans heart is through his tummy 😉

  2. My dog loved my daughter when I brought her home. She would sleep on the bed next to the crib to see her. When my daughter woke, my dog came to find me. I hardly needed a baby-monitor. 🙂
    Just think, one day the dog will be smaller than the boy and they will still be sleeping together like that. 🙂

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