(Almost) FO Friday: Happy Socks

Happy Sock number one is done!!


As weird as it looked off the needles, it sure fits like a dream! And has anyone else done that special brand of yoga that is photographing your own foot? I almost fell out of my chair, lol!

Now I just need to start sock #2. If Jellybean will take a good nap today then that just might happen!

Happy knitting!


17 thoughts on “(Almost) FO Friday: Happy Socks

  1. I bought sock blockers JUST for taking pictures. I may have actually blocked a pair of socks that I made for a charity auction, but my personal socks go thru the washer and dryer. They spend time on the blockers long enough to take a pretty picture.

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  3. beautiful sock, and yes, I do sock yoga to get a pic of my own foot, or soon to come for you…feet;-). I, too, have knit the vanilla latte socks on ravely-I think I have a fun yoga picture posted there of both feet in those darling green socks I love to wear.

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