The Dreaded Cone

My poor fur baby got a little too rambunctious at the park the other day and opened up his foot. Despite our best at home care a visit to the vet was necessary. Dex COULD not wait to leave the vet!

But it was probably due to the dreaded cone. That face!!! With salve and antibiotics he should be right as rain in a week. (And stop knocking stuff over with his satellite dish, lol.)

He’s just going to need a little extra TLC!


12 thoughts on “The Dreaded Cone

  1. ooohh, do I know that look! Mine had the same issues some time ago, would not stop licking the paw. So she had to wear the cone. She was to cute, as the pulled her ears in the most funniest way to prevent them for touching the cone. 🙂
    All our luv and hugs to Dex.

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