Apparently I Can’t Follow Charts

The winner from last week’s geek sock yarn-off is……Lighthouse! Mostly because I let my 7 month old pick and that’s what he chose to slobber on! Though maple leaves was the clear winner in the comment section. It shall be next I promise!

So onto the needles Lighthouse went. And there I went wrong. This pattern uses a chart (very simple and very small) that my sleep deprived mommy brain couldn’t handle. Want proof?   Instead of pleasing ripples I have drunken lighting bolts. So I frogged back to the stockinette toe. And I began again with what I thought was correct. Wrong again…   I don’t even know what in tarnation I created here. But it too went to the frog pond. Third times a charm right? 

That’s to bee determined while I have a glass of wine or maybe just a nap? I just can’t handle charts I guess!

Happy knitting!   


13 thoughts on “Apparently I Can’t Follow Charts

  1. I have to use sticky notes with charts. I put them above the row I’m on so I can see the previous knitting and make sure I’m on track. I may try your small circs. They sure would make knitting socks faster than the magic loop!

  2. Oh golly, I don’t even like to do charts when I’m wide awake. I can’t imagine trying to do one while under the influence of a baby. But I agree with ginaquilts: I use sticky notes to follow along. Good luck and I hope you chose a nap!

  3. Don’t worry, I find the better we get at knitting, the more mistakes we make. Probably because we get too confident about a pattern and forget to actually follow it. Drunken lightning bolts are cool anyway haha.

  4. Can’t go wrong with a colour chosen by a 7 month old! šŸ™‚ And sometimes reading easy charts is hard!! Third times definitely a charm, keeping my fingers crossed that it will work out this time round.

  5. Oh, charts are fickle! I have come to love them, but I find it easier to mark odd and even rows with highlighter or something, because otherwise I will forget that I have start from the right on right side rows and left on wrong side. I like the lightning bolts, anyway. šŸ™‚ And I like your criteria for determining the winning pattern, too!

  6. Oh dear! Well, it if helps, the written version will look like this (in sets of 4 stitches that repeat across the round), Round 1: *CC K1, PC S3 repeat from * to end; Round 2 *CC K2, PC S1, CC K1 repeat from * to end; Round 3 (and all other rounds until you hit a colour change) Knit.
    CC stands for current colour. PC stands for previous colour. K = knit, S = slip.
    The other very important trick is to spread your stitches out across the row during the slips so that there is enough yarn to accommodate the stretch between knit stitches (like in colourwork), otherwise you’ll get a tight and bunched sock and the patterning will not look right.
    Hopefully that helps! Good luck! Once you have the rhythm going, you’ll hardly need to look at the pattern.

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