FO Friday: Husband Socks

The Husband Socks are done!

Pattern: my own 3×1 ribbed improvisation 

Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll in Merlot

Needles: US 1

Size: 80 stitch sock for a men’s size 13 foot (at my tension)


These socks took forever! But that is the course you take when knitting for big feet. I made this up as I went (from the toe up). I wasn’t very happy with the cuffs. But they are….okay. They fit my husband and only used 75% of the two skeins. If nothing else I know now how to better knit for my husbands foot. The yarn (although very dark) is lovely to work with. These just didn’t get my knitting mojo going so I’m glad they are done.

On to more socks! Happy knitting!


9 thoughts on “FO Friday: Husband Socks

  1. Hey there, I just love seeing all the socks you’ve been making lately! My husband has been trying to get me to knit him a pair of socks since I started knitting. Do you have a book for knitting socks you would recommend? I’m not a beginner knitter, but I have never tried socks before.

    • Honestly I’ve never knit socks from a book. I learned top down construction from the Rye sock from tin can knits. Then I taught myself toe up to maximize yardage. But I really want to buy Toe Up Socks for Every Body by Wendy Johnson. It’s been reviewed highly by others but fair warning I haven’t actually read it yet.

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