FO Friday: Geek Socks

Here they are in all their geeky glory!


Pattern: Geek Socks by Wei S. Leong

Yarn: Knit Picks Felici in Lighthouse

Needles: US 1 8 inch circular

Size: 72 stitches

My Geek socks were 50% done last we chatted. I put my try hard pants on and packed this project for a recent road trip. With three solid days of knitting in between chasing Jellybean I finished sock #2.

My geeks are fraternal rather than identical and I love them! I didn’t follow the pattern exactly. The patternwas written cuff down and I modified it for toe up with an afterthought heel. I just used the pattern chart and adapted it to fit my basic vanilla type sock construction.

I highly recommend this pattern. Just make sure to mind your floats! I had to relax and let the yarn relax on my floats so as not to knit a tiny tight tube, lol.

Now I need to cast on more socks! Happy Knitting!!


15 thoughts on “FO Friday: Geek Socks

  1. Very pretty!
    That’s what I tend to do with socks, too: use my basic vanilla sock pattern & afterthought heel and incorporate a pattern I like into it. Nice to know I’m not the only one with this formula. 🙂

  2. Love them…perhaps I will make a similar pair to this for a friend…I have some blue wool sock yarn that needs to be used, but I want to add some bright pink and make it feminine…some day, when I get my two second socks done…

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