Maple Vanilla or Vanilla Maple

I can’t decide…

After my Geeky FO last week I’ve decided to cast on some straight vanilla socks. I pulled the maple leaves Felici out of the stash (that you all so graciously voted for) and got to work. I can’t however decide what to call them. They are just full of mapley goodness.

I am wanting a denser sock so I’ve gone down to US 0s and a total of 76 stitches. My gauge should put this in the right fit. Time will tell! Worst case scenario…I rip back and try again.

Chloe is helping with this one πŸ˜€! Now what to call them…..vanilla maples or maple vanillas???

Happy Knitting!


10 thoughts on “Maple Vanilla or Vanilla Maple

  1. Well, I don’t want to be a tie breaker, but I Maple Vanilla also sounded better to me. Nice to have something to just knit easily and still have it be so pretty.

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