Epic Fail

I had the most epic fail since becoming a mother. The hubby and I planned a last minute trip to see his family. So not a lot of time to pack that left us scrambling the morning we planned to leave. But we were only going to be gone 24 hours so we didn’t need much. Or so we thought…

We packed one bag of clothes, the toiletry bag, diaper bag, and my pump. I was nursing jellybean while the hubs packed the car. In the last second we tossed in my boppy, some hoodies, and my purse/knitting. And on down the road we went. We arrived safely three hours down the road only to find we left the bag of clothes on our bed (that also had the extra diapers). This meant no clothes for me, the hubs, or jellybean other than what was on our backs. Epic fail! We made a run to Walmart for jammies and an extra set of clothes for everyone (and diapers). Disaster averted.

But at least I didn’t forget my knitting!



24 thoughts on “Epic Fail

  1. We forgot the ‘unmentionables’ last year on a trip to my parents’ cabin–about an 8 hour drive north. At first I tried to force my hubby to just wear my Dad’s (clean) stuff and he threw a fit, couldn’t believe I would even suggest such a thing…a trip to Walmart ensued! Looking back, I agree with him now, what a ridiculous suggestion! Glad your quick trip worked out! Funny how we always remember the knitting… 🙂

  2. When I started to read your post I feared for your knitting to be left home all by itself 🙂 I remember the time I started a longish journey and realised pretty soon I forgot my extra yarn. But I was meeting a friend who is also a knitter and was kind enough to buy some sock yarn for me so my nervousness decreased somewhat. Never again 😀

  3. When I read the title I wondered what was to follow, that was no epic fail LOL you remembered your knitting and the little one, I’ve forgotten money before now !!! (only slightly embarrassing)

  4. Aw man, I had a similar situation when we recently drove from Orlando to Pittsburgh. We got up around 3:30am to get a head start, drove 2 hours before I realized I forgot my purse and wallet which meant we really had to go back. Womp womp…

  5. Been there, done that! You remembered the baby and that’s what was important. Nope – this doesn’t go in the fail category. 🙂

  6. I agree with all the people who are saying “at least you remembered your knitting!” Also, it’s nice that we live in a civilized world with inexpensive stores to buy things in emergencies like that one. I’m not sure it’s an “epic fail.” I’d call it “almost a fail because it worked out.” Then again, I’m optimistic.

  7. this is your only post under the tag “fail”? you must live a well organized life!
    Or perhaps you have a high threshold for what constitutes a fail…
    Either way: living well!

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