Muddy Rainbow

My sock mojo continues with my Vanilla Rainbows.

 I was really excited about this yarn in the skein. It’s Knit Picks Stroll hand-painted in county fair. It’s a yarn with very short color repeats of rainbow colors. So short in fact that in my standard 70 stitch sock the colors get a bit muddy in my opinion. I don’t hate it but it’s not as “pretty” as the skein. They will still make lovely warm socks.
These are going crazy fast as I’m doing straight vanilla stockinette. The afterthought heel is in and I’m cruising. This sock lives in the car right now for the daily commute with the hubby.

What’s your favorite car knitting?


9 thoughts on “Muddy Rainbow

  1. I love those socks, I think they are so much fun and the subdued rainbow just makes me smile. In terms of car knitting it is almost always socks, unless I am knitting on a deadline. For the most part I like having socks in the car because I am usually just working on plain vanilla ones so there isn’t anything to pay attention to. I am excited to see your finished pair.

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