WIP Wednesday: Conference Vanilla Socks

I had 32 hours of CPE in the past two weeks at work. For those that don’t know that’s continuing professional education and mine was in governmental finace and financials. Sounds exhilarating right? That’s roughly four days of all day lecture on less than sizzling topics. Needless to say I packed my knitting! I have one FO to share Friday that I managed to finish but I also made good progress on another WIP…

These are my conference vanilla socks in Saki Bamboo. This yarn is heavenly! And the stripes make my heart sing. The first sock is done sans the afterthought heel. The second sock represents my progress over 2.5 days of lecture. I finished the foot and roughly half of the leg. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

 Oh how I wish I had discovered knitted socks in college! Oh the pile of knits I could have completed during boring lectures…. With jellybean my knitting time is limited so I definitely relished this time to knit peacefully.

Happy Knitting! 


7 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Conference Vanilla Socks

  1. How fun. I’m a CPA and could have used this idea back in the day. My daughter, who is in college as an engineer brings Tunisian crochet to class, it’s simple enough for her to pay attention and not make mistakes! Says it keeps her focused the entire class.

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