Wowza That’s Bright!

I’m still on a sock binge completely fueled by Soctober and all the lovely blog posts I’ve been reading. I pulled some more of my Mother’s Day yarn splurge. I have been working through the back catalog of The Knitmore girls podcast where Gigi has been in a flourmania sock phase. It started that itch in my brain and I just needed more neon in my life!

Holy smokes this is bright! But I simply adore it! I’m doing a basic 68 stitch toe up vanilla sock. I’m also hoping to count this towards both #dcspigskinparty2015 ala The Down Cellar Studio podcast and #operationsockdrawer ala the Knitmore Girls podcast contests. But my abbreviated knitting time lately may make this a long term WIP.

Winter is coming and my feetsies are getting chilly….must knit faster!

Happy Knitting!!


7 thoughts on “Wowza That’s Bright!

  1. My eyes! (shields sight line) 😉 You’re not kidding with that sock yarn! It’s super fierce and just the thing to warm you up on a cold winter just on cheeriness alone!
    How am I the last to know about Socktober?! I’ll be ready next year!

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