Flying Across The Waves

My Ocean Geek socks are flying!

This is the ultimate in potato chip knitting right now. I literally can’t wait to get to the next stripe. I’ve finished the foot, part of the leg, and installed the (partially) afterthought heel!

The fabric of this sock is turning out to be more loose than my others. I’m not sure this is going to be a hard wearing sock. But it will be gorgeous!

Happy knitting!!


14 thoughts on “Flying Across The Waves

  1. Can you explain what you mean by the partial afterthought heel? Do you have a high arch? I’ve been reluctant to try one due to my arch.

    • I’m afraid I’m just being cheeky. By partial afterthought heel I only mean that I install it before the tube portion of the sock is done. It is truly just a standard 50% afterthought heel. I just want to knit the heel before the top (calf) ribbing so I maximize my yarn use.

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