Central Kansas Yarn Hop

I completed my first yarn/shop hop. Boy howdy was it exhausting! I made five stops out of 10. I made a plan and a budget going in and (mostly) stuck to it. I had an absolute blast. There were newborn puppies, lovely people, snacks, and all the glorious yarn a girl could want. I think I’m going to break up my trip into several posts this week so as to spread out the yarn p0rn.

First up was Yak N Yarn of Topeka, KS. This is technically my LYS. And I freely admit I don’t get there much. The store has weird hours that aren’t friendly to a working momma and the yarn selection just isn’t that good. I still try to buy from there whenever I can but it’s hard sometimes. I did pick up something interesting there from the sale bin that was new to me: t-shirt yarn!

(Me in my “Knittaz 4 Life” t-shirt”)   It’s Sullivans Noodles (Cotton) in the Butterfly colorway. I think I’m going to knit this up into a nice smooshy cowl. The greens will go nicely with my eyes I think.

My next stop was Alpacas of Wildcat Hollow. Now this is not a store but an actual working alpaca farm. I had to drive WAY into the country to get to this one and it was worth a stop!

 I got to see alpaca, chickens, and herding dogs. One of the momma’s had just had pups a few days before. She was a very good momma and very protective of her pups. I did a little tour and then perused their little shop. And in the interest of full disclosure…I’m not a huge alpaca fan. It has amazing qualities and this particular yarn was out of sight. It’s just that it doesn’t fit my current project frame of mind. Nonetheless I still picked up a skein that will destined for soft as air cowl for my gift pile. See the yarn p0rn below.

Stay tuned tomorrow for my next stop!

Happy Knitting!!


8 thoughts on “Central Kansas Yarn Hop

  1. I find that I buy alpaca for very specific projects also for much the same reason. Last week at the New York Sheep & Wool Festival I did buy a couple of pounds of black alpaca fleece to spin because it was such an amazing black and will ply up nicely with some of my other handspun.

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