Central Kansas Yarn Hop: part IV

Today rounds out the last stop of my yarn hop. But first I had to share a photo of my oldest and dearest friend who joined me for the Salina and Abilene leg even thought she’s not a knitter. She sure is a good friend!

This last stop was the The Shivering Sheep in Abilene KS.
fd52de159e40111bb8c73f338c3bdcf8  This shop was teeny tiny but had basement space. It was really quaint but a little hard to maneuver in with all the hop traffic. I’m not sure this shop will be on my regular rotation but was very nice to visit. I still managed to find somethings I couldn’t live without.

First up I picked a Hiya Hiya sheep-y needle sizer. I’ve needed one lately as the markings have become faded on my favorite needles and I’m garbage at guessing. Next up was some purple Regia Garden Effects for some hardy wearing wool socks. And lastly some Berroco Comfort in a nice brown for a sweater for Jellybean to round out his winter wardrobe.

Tomorrow I promise I’ll have some actual knitting to show you and not just pretty yarn. Until then, happy knitting!!


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