Frogs and Toes

I was so excited about my Flying North socks. The plucky feet yarn is to die for!

I was cruising along until that niggling started in my brain. Something didn’t look quite right…and then it hit me I was working the pattern across the wrong number of stitches! The pattern is written for 64 stitches which is too small for my feet at my gauge. So I went up to 70 stitches total but failed to redo the math for the pattern to account for the extra stitches. Doh!

So I frogged back to the plain toe and started over with the correct math. (I was too lazy to get out of bed so yes, that is a Bobby pin as a stitch marker.) I lost a lot of knitting time redoing this but I learned two things. One, the stitches were very easy to pick up and I pulled the needles completely out. Second, I’m happy with this decision to frog. This yarn is just to special to have sloppy work!

I guess I’m just getting more mileage out of this fabulous yarn!

Happy Knitting


7 thoughts on “Frogs and Toes

  1. I have to frog the toe of granddaughter’s top downs as they are about a half inch too short. She was away so I couldn’t try them til her return. I should have waited, but I wanted to start the second sock and needed the needles. Bleah!

  2. Is it weird I really love when things like this happen to me? I mean, it’s obviously a major setback when you have to frog 75% of your work, but I can’t help but love learning from the mistakes that made me frog. 🙂 It’s always that silver lining that keeps me going!

    I also love the way that yarn looks, I bet that’s going to feel great when worn. 😀

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