WIP Wednesday: Wool Free Vanilla Socks

Yay for self striping yarn!

My Wool Free Vanilla Socks are swimming along. I did have a run in with yarn “barf” coming from my center pull ball. (Aka a tangled mess of yarn from the middle of my ball.) I tried in vein to untangle the mess but alas I had to resort to cutting….sigh

The cutting meant I was disrupting the stripe pattern. I salvaged as far as I could and knit till I ran out of yarn without messing up the order. Those two tiny balls are the remainder of the skein. It’s still a proper sock but shorter than I had planned. 

To soothe my soul I started sock #2 and after a few inches I noticed this…..

Two drastically different dye lots! The second is much more muted and I do so love the first sock. I’m still forging ahead as the color difference won’t affect how warm they are. This is what I get for not checking the dye lots of the sale bin, lol.

Happy Knitting!


3 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Wool Free Vanilla Socks

  1. They are both beautiful! I do hate when a center pull ball does that – why is it so hard for the manufacturers to make a good center pull ball? (including one where we can find that internal end?)

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