The Project of Loathing

I really wanted a blanket on the needles this winter. I do so love snuggling under a warm winter project while the snow is swirling outside. Thus I cast on my Knitted Chevron Baby Blanket in a rainbow theme with some Homespun from DEEP stash.

It’s a pretty straight forward garter stitch chevron blanket. Back in November I started with red and only got three rows done and it’s been sitting ever since.

I just don’t like it and I have tried really hard to like it. The texture of the homespun obscures the pattern. It’s incredibly hard to “read” as I knit. I have zero desire to pick this up. So this iteration is going to the frog pond. But I really want to use this yarn in a blanket! Stitch definition is going to be a problem so I was leaning towards a straight up garter rectangle with the rainbow colors progressing in order.  Though I really feel that a baby blanket needs a distinct border to look a little more polished and finished.

I have black yarn in Homespun so I could outline the rainbow square to set off the colors. Perhaps I could work a small seed or moss stitch black section at the beginning and end of the blanket. Then pick up and knit the long sides of the blanket log cabin style. Or maybe it should be ribbing instead of seed stitch? 

Any thoughts from the blogging world?


10 thoughts on “The Project of Loathing

  1. I’ve knit homespun once, I think….but I could be wrong. However, as I look at these skeins, I’m feeling the seed stitch. Don’t ask, just do…and let it be wonky, but kinda aim for jelly bean shapes in the final project. I think you’ll be happier with it…and skip the black yarn, unless you really want to go nuts with it, or put it in between seeded jelly beans to make them pop. Good luck picking something to create with this yarn. It’s tough to keep a texture with it.

  2. The only way I can work with homespun is if I hold another yarn with it; I can’t see what I’ve done otherwise. I did one where I held a strand of ivory throughout, along with three other colors. But it does create a soft, snuggly blanket!

  3. Those are great colors. It is annoying when you have a great textured yarn and can’t do anything special stitch-wise with it. It’s frustrating because it’s hard to be inspired if you’re forced to stick with only garter or stockinette. But I think a nice color blocking would be great. Especially if you outline each block with the black yarn. But I’m sure you’ll figure out how to get back into it. Good luck! 😊✨

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