Another FO: Wool Free Vanilla Socks

The FO’s are are going to be coming hard and fast this week. I feel like i’m finishing right and left these days. Of course that is what happens when you have a million things on the needles at once and the attention span of a squirrel. Eventually you get a lot done!

Today’s winner… Wool Free Vanilla Socks

Pattern: My own vanilla 68 stitch toe up vanilla sock with 50% afterthought heel

Yarn:  Premier Yarns Wool Free Sock Stripes

Needles: US 1s

I had an utter failure in checking the dye lots at the time of purchase. I guess I was high on yarn fumes and the call of the clearance bin was too much. I’m in love with the brighter sock and not as in love with the duller sock. But the bright side is that my Aunt saw these being knit and remarked on how much she loved them. I guess a certain someone is going to get an extra special birthday present!

Now I need to grab more sock yarn to fill my needles….I need another pair of auto pilot knitting vanilla socks!

Happy Knitting!!


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