A Plan For Husband Socks

My previous attempt at Husband Socks were a little lackluster. My hubby has size a 12/13 US shoe size. His foot is literally 11 inches long so that’s a LOT of tiny stitches. I’ve thus far not been very excited about knitting for his tootsies. But he’s been quietly hinting that he’d like warm socks. So I put my big girl pants on and made a new plan!

Thicker yarn + bigger needles = faster socks

I had some Cascade Heritage Prints in my stash that is a heavier fingering weight. And I pulled out my size 2 US 9″ inch circs from my birthday.

These are toe up vanillas with 72 stitches on the US 2s. These are flying!! The sharp points of the Hiya Hiya needles really help I’m finding. The pic above is just a couple of hours of leisurely car knitting. Fingers crossed these will keep flying along because it would be a great jumpstart to my 2016 Wishlist!

Happy Knitting and Happy New Year!!


11 thoughts on “A Plan For Husband Socks

  1. they look good. I’m enjoying them. I’ve considered knitting for my boyfriend, but he has large, odd shaped feet and gets picky about the ankle/leg circumference he would need…I will likely have to just make them sometime;-), but for now, I’m knitting MY next pair of socks…I’m running out of decent socks;-)

  2. I can relate to the large footed SO, the Giant has US size 14/15. I do like your plan of larger needles and slightly thicker yarn. I actually have that exact yarn in my stash. Do you find it pleasant to work with? You mention the Hiya Hiya’s seemt to help, does the yarn have a desire to split? Congrats on the awesome progress.

  3. Haha I know that feeling, mine has Us 13s too, but lucky for me only likes thick socks! 🙂 I always use Drops Big Fabel for him, it’s Aran weight sock yarn, machine washable, no holes at all in over three years (touch wood) and he says it’s very soft. The ones you are making look gorgeous and am sure will be much appreciated! 🙂

  4. Wow..you call that leisurely car knitting??my god I would take ages to reach there..ur too good..awesome. .waiting to see the completed pic soon..😉

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