Color Fasting

I’ve been on something of sock binge lately. And I’m using some lovely brilliant colors from a variety of dyers and brands. I’ve also been catching up on my Podcasts and due to some epic coincidental timing I’ve been hearing about fading and loss of color on sock yarn. Luckily the Knitmore Girls have a solution….a citric acid soak to set the dye/color! They do a lovely job explaining so I won’t bother repeating what they so eloquently wrote, just follow the hyperlink above.

But I will show you some photos of my supplies and process! I found this huge container of Citric Acid at the local Natural Grocer for something like $13. That works out to $0.02 per gram. This should last me for a TON of socks since you only have to do this process once per pair of socks.

 (Checkerboard Socks with yarn from Across the Yarniverse)
 (Neon Vanilla Socks in Flourmania)
 (Modified Sand Dune Socks in KnitCircus gradient)

These puppies are drying as we speak and now I won’t feel so jumpy about washing them when they come up in sock wearing rotation! I will say I didn’t notice any fading in my socks before this and I didn’t have any excess dye wash out during the process. I just would rather be safe than sorry!

Happy Knitting!


7 thoughts on “Color Fasting

  1. I never lost color on any of my socks and I always was them in my washing mashine.
    But on the other hand the yarn i use is not expenciv hand dyed yarn.

  2. That’s one of the things I want to try this year but have been struggling about where to get the citric acid. But, there is a small natural grocer near me so I’ll check them out!

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